2PM Services (2PM) is an award-winning Hobart based consultancy, specialising in business and technology advisory and project delivery services.

We love helping projects, businesses and people succeed. Technology projects, business consultancy, strategic planning, facilitation, LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY™ … sounds rad right?

Wherever your business is at, chances are we know how to help. Take a peek at what we have to offer below.


Not sure what to do or when to do it? We can help you develop a business strategy or project plan.



Need some extra hands or advice? We’ve got a load of experienced project and business consultants to help you out.



Is what you’re doing working? We know how to check the health of your projects and business strategy.



What do you need to do to make sure things improve? We’ve got creative ways to help you improve or keep you on the right path.



Some clients call us cat herders, magicians, miracle workers, confidants, jugglers, doers, geeks or pro’s.
We just call ourselves 2PM’ers. It’s people that make us tick. Because we know our people so well, we know who’ll be the best fit for your business or project… because like us, you are unique.

Our team have deep industry insights, proven delivery experience and have won some awards along the way.

They’re also pretty fun to have a coffee with and to share a joke or two!

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OUR Clients

Informed by our industry experience, we bring a breadth and depth of expertise to unlock value and solve our client’s biggest challenges.

We also like to supply them with the occasional coffee and donut. Just saying.

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The team at 2PM are a passionate bunch who like to give back. We are passionate about people: we actively seek ways to enrich the lives of others and are motivated by the desire to help individuals and our community grow.

Our Experience

  • Projects Multitasking is an illusion.

    CEO, Jason Gorman, bought some juggling balls to illustrate how multitasking is just an illusion.

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  • 2PM services staff people sitting at a desk looking at a laptop in Hobart Tasmania

    Strategy Mastering Business Analysis: Top 10 Tips to Jumpstart Your Career

    Consultant Keshala Wickrama Gunaratne shares her top ten tips to jumpstart your Business Analyst Career.

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  • Projects Value Proposition Canvas

    A follow up from her previous blog, The Jobs to be Done Theory, Consultant, Maria Richter, shares how the Value Proposition Canvas integrates seamlessly with the JTBD theory.

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  • Strategy 5 key takeaways. Lessons Learned from Delivering a Hybrid Workshop

    Consultant Maria Richter shares with us the 5 key lessons she acquired whilst hosting a Hybrid Workshop. Read on to discover her top tips.

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