Our Story

Putting the ‘people’ into business, projects and teams

It all began in 2015, with Jason’s belief that successful projects were delivered by teams – not individuals – for real people, by real people. He believed that for teams to be effective, care and investment was needed across the entire team. And that if people felt cared for, they would look after their clients. From these ideals, the 2PM way was born.

With a background in delivering technology projects, and a handful of eager Project and Change Managers, 2PM grew quickly in the first year… hat-tip to the University of Tasmania as the inaugural client! Since then, we’ve continued to grow, mature, and strengthen our team.

From our beginnings in project management, our passion for helping others succeed led us to develop new people-centred services. Services that help our clients develop their strategy, improve the way they work, and know which projects they should be doing. It’s also led us to explore how we can help our clients across Tasmania.

Our passion for helping others has also led us to give back to those who are not as fortunate – both in the Tasmanian community and further abroad.

Fast forward a few years, and 2PM has grown to a team of over 40 consultants, with people and tools in place to offer clients a range of consulting and project services. We have a talented bunch with deep and varied experience across loads of industries. Whether it’s facilitating a Plan-on-a-Page strategy, managing your project to completion, or building a rich data dashboard, one thing is for sure, they take it personally!

By the way, what’s the deal with the name ‘2PM’, you might ask?

Technically it stands for ‘to (2) project manage’… but honestly, every time we ask Jason there is a new version…which is quite fitting seeing as creativity is one of our values!

meet our team

We’re made up of cat herders, magicians, miracle workers, confidants, jugglers, doers, geeks and pro’s. Our team have deep industry insights, proven delivery experience and have won some awards along the way!

We’re also pretty fun to have a coffee with and love to share a joke or two.

Our Values

At 2PM it’s people that makes us tick – we value relationships and we’re passionate about helping others succeed. You could even say it’s our mission. It informs everything we do and, aside from a good cup of coffee, it’s what gets us out of bed each day!


We treat people with respect and are accountable for the decisions we make.

We take responsibility for our actions and words, and do the right thing even when it is difficult to do so.


We work together with our customer towards shared goals, and share information and resources freely.

We harness our collective strengths and encourage & support each other’s contributions.


We embrace change, and constantly scan the environment for new ideas.

We solve problems utilising the diverse skill sets of our team, and have a passion to keep learning and then apply our new skills.