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  • Partnering with Change Managers to lead your people through change

    Senior Change Manager Therese Murray shows you how to successfully lead your team through change by partnering with a Change Manager.

  • Multitasking is an illusion.

    CEO, Jason Gorman, bought some juggling balls to illustrate how multitasking is just an illusion.

  • Cyber Security Awareness

    Technical Project Manager David Andrew shares his valuable tips for remaining safe in a digital world.

  • two people at a laptop discussing a project management office.

    How to Create a Project Management Office That Works For You

    Principal Consultant, Steve Armitage, shares a guide on how to build a Project Management Office that works for you.

  • 2PM services staff people sitting at a desk looking at a laptop in Hobart Tasmania

    Mastering Business Analysis: Top 10 Tips to Jumpstart Your Career

    Consultant Keshala Wickrama Gunaratne shares her top ten tips to jumpstart your Business Analyst Career.

  • Value Proposition Canvas

    A follow up from her previous blog, The Jobs to be Done Theory, Consultant, Maria Richter, shares how the Value Proposition Canvas integrates seamlessly with the JTBD theory.

  • 5 key takeaways. Lessons Learned from Delivering a Hybrid Workshop

    Consultant Maria Richter shares with us the 5 key lessons she acquired whilst hosting a Hybrid Workshop. Read on to discover her top tips.

  • Process Mapping: Your path to process perfection

    In today’s business world, we frequently hear terms like ‘Process Improvement’, ‘Continuous Improvement’ and ‘Lean Six Sigma’. But have you ever questioned where you could utilise these in your own business functions?

  • Change Management Unveiled: Navigating Psychosocial Hazards

    On the 23rd of January 2023, a new code of practice to manage psycho-social hazards was introduced. What can that mean for your project?

  • Change Management: Demystifying the mysterious

    So what exactly is Change Management? And what does a Change Manager do? Our Senior Consultant Therese Murray, demystifies the mysterious role of the Change Manager.

  • How the Jobs to be Done Theory Empowers Project Managers

    Consultant Maria Richter explains how the ‘Jobs to be Done theory’ empowers Project Managers.

  • PowerBI. A comprehensive Business Intelligence tool

    Does your business use PowerBI? Associate Consultant Lulu Chen shares how to unleash your data’s potential through PowerBI.

  • Maximising Your Project Success: The Power of Post-Implementation Reviews

    Maximising Your Project Success The power of Post-Implementation Reviews. Post-Implementation Reviews (PIRs) are a crucial step in managing successful ICT projects. They help you evaluate…

  • Is your data mature enough for AI?

    Is your data mature enough for Artificial Intelligence? Associate Consultant Lulu Chen details the steps to consider before jumping on the AI bandwagon.

  • 2PM staff member presenting, in Hobart Tasmania

    Strategic Planning

    Avrithi Misthry, explains the importance of having a thorough strategic plan to minimise distractions, align your team and guide business priorities.

  • What’s your leadership style?

    What your leadership style? Senior Consultant, Linda Britts shares some valuable insights into what makes a successful leader.

  • What makes a good Project Manager?

    What do you think makes a good Project Manager? 2PM Services CEO, Jason Gorman, shares some insights.

  • How to avoid project failure

    2PM Services Business Analyst, Sandra Sandra Mukundu, outline 5 steps to improve planning and monitoring and avoid project failure.

  • LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY™ facilitating a team building workshop

    Team Strategy with Colony 47

    Colony 47 engaged 2PM Services to develop guidelines to strengthen communication between Youth Solutions Initiatives to enable an improved client experience.

  • Tailoring communication to enhance understanding

    Consultant, Stephanie Mckay, outlines the main representational systems and explains how a greater understanding of them can enhance understanding.

  • Why you need a Business Continuity Plan

    2PM Services’ Principal Consultant, Steve Armitage, explains the importance of having a business continuity plan and how it can help you prepare for when things go wrong!

  • 2PM – More than Projects

    CEO, Jason Gorman, provides an update on 2PM Services’ evolution. We’re more than just projects!

  • Putting people first: Human-Centred Design explained

    Senior Consultant, Avrithi Misthry, explains the concept of Human-Centred Design and outlines how it can be used to create better buy-in within your organisation.

  • 2PM staff member presenting, in Hobart Tasmania

    Why you need a Plan on a Page?

    Senior Consultant, Tim Hynes, explains the power of a Plan on a Page (PoP) for businesses and teams.

  • How to get the most out of your consultant

    CEO, Jason Gorman, outlines how you can get the most out of your consultant with these top 10 tips.

  • Is Your Project Healthy?

    Principal Consultant, Steve Armitage, explains the importance of health checks for programme / project success.

  • How to improve stakeholder management

    Senior Business Analyst, Sandra Mukundu, shares her insights on what successful stakeholder management looks like to her.

  • Gateway reviews – is your project on track?

    Principal Consultant, Steve Armitage, explains the importance of gateway reviews for programme / project success.

  • How to delegate effectively

    Senior Consultant Linda Britts, shares her insights on effective delegation.

  • How to increase your online security

    Technical Business Analyst, John Robinson, explains the role of digital identity and access, and why it’s important for cyber security.

  • Why IT testing is important for your business

    Technical Business Analyst, John Robinson, explains the importance of IT testing for business success.

  • Business Analysts vs Project Managers – friends or frenemies?

    Senior Business Analyst, Sandra Mukundu, shares her insights on the age-old question… Business Analysts / Project Managers – friends or frenemies?

  • Agile is just common sense ‘rebranded’

    As an early adopter of Agile methodologies, Technical Business Analyst, John Robinson, shares his insights into what ‘being Agile’ actually means…

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