2PM – More than Projects

CEO, Jason Gorman, provides an update on 2PM Services’ evolution from its beginnings in project management.

We’ve changed. It’s not you, it’s us.

Organisations are never stagnant and there is always the need to adapt and change. We’ve grown our team and capabilities to help you meet these challenges.

Although 2PM was born to help organisations deliver excellent projects, our passion for helping you succeed has led us to expand our range of services. We’ll solve more of your business problems and help you transform your organisation!

We have a range of advisory and management consulting services to help you plan, measure, understand and improve throughout the business lifecycle.

We can help you:

Plan better – our strategic planning services can assist you in developing your vision and practical business, digital or ICT strategies to get you there. In addition, we can help you plan for when things don’t go to plan!

Check better – we can help you ensure that you are doing the right projects and are being done right. We can also help you to make sense of your data.

Act better – we can help you develop your teams, build cohesion, and guide them through organisational changes. We can also help document, improve, and automate your processes.

We take it personally.

Some things stay the same:

Do better – we’ll continue to help you to resource and deliver awesome plans and projects.

Our passion to help you succeed – we’ll still be a trusted partner and we’ll tell it to you straight.

Our people-centred approach – At 2PM, we care about our clients and harness the power of teamwork to deliver the best outcome.

In all that we do, we take it personally. 2PM puts the ‘people’ into business, projects and teams.

We’ve updated our website to better reflect the range of services that we now offer, why not have a look?