The value mentoring can bring to your business

At 2PM Services we strive to create an environment where team members can progress their careers and learn from each other. In 2020, we implemented an internal mentoring program and have seen rewarding results for both our staff and business.

But first things first…

What is mentoring?

Mentoring is a formal, or informal way of providing positive coaching, for the mentee’s growth, learning, and career development. Often the mentor and mentee are internal to an organisation, with an emphasis on organisational goals, culture, and advice on professional development. Mentors act as role models for their mentees and provide guidance, support, and encouragement to help them reach their goals.

So what do mentors and mentees do?

A good mentor needs to be more than just someone who is successful in their field. They must have the disposition and desire to help others develop. It requires a willingness to share past experiences, including failures. Great mentors not only “talk the talk” but “walk the walk” as well.

Mentors provide advice and direction, listen objectively, and act as a sounding board for their mentees. They ask challenging questions and encourage new strategies, giving mentees the tools and confidence to succeed and progress their careers.

To get the most out of the relationship, the mentee should be proactive in their willingness to learn and clear about what they want to achieve.

Mentees should openly seek feedback and regularly attend meetings with their mentor. This type of relationship can take time to develop and must be managed and nurtured. Mentoring can be a beneficial process for both parties if done well!

How does 2PM do mentoring?

Our one-on-one mentoring program helps promote cross-skilling and professional development. It is designed to capitalise on the wealth of knowledge available across the 2PM Services team. Under our model, employees can take one hour of ‘2PM time’ a week to meet with their mentor. This time can be used to discuss current projects, problem-solve issues, and generally bounce ideas around.

We believe it is vital to provide our mentees with ‘real project’ experience enhance their project management skills. This includes the use of our project tools, templates, and governance structures. We also believe that it is important to find the right ‘fit’ when assigning a mentor to a mentee. This involves taking personality types, communication preferences, schedules, and working habits into consideration.

2PM Services ‘Top Mentoring Tips’: