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Are you managing your project off the side of your desk? Does your team have the skills and capacity to deliver the outcomes you desire?

Vision without execution is hallucination.

– Thomas Edison

We understand that sometimes organisations need a little extra support. Perhaps you’ve developed a cracking project plan, business case or strategy, but your team is too busy to implement it? Or you need some advice on a problem you’re facing? Maybe you just need someone to fill in for a little while?

We understand that sometimes you’ve got your own way of doing things, that’s ok, our people can slot right in and follow suit. Or maybe you need some extra guidance? That’s ok too, we’ll bring our approach with us!

Here at 2PM, we have a range of project and consultancy services to help you get things done. We can help extend your team across a variety of project and business disciplines.

Whatever you might need, our team is here to collaborate with you.

DO better

Programme Management

Sometimes you need a seasoned operator who knows how to guide multiple related projects.

Project Management

We have experienced people who thrive at planning, organising and getting stuff done.

Change Management

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. We can help guide change in your project or business.

Business Analysis

Need someone who can get into the detail and ask the right questions? We’ve got you covered.

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We get it, sometimes you want to chat to a real person. Request a call and one of our 2PM’ers will get in touch to learn more about you and your business needs.