Integrate Workforce Case Study.

How Plan on a Page provided clarity for business growth.

Integrate Workforce needed to gain business clarity and enhance customer understanding. They had many ideas on how the business should progress, but needed assistance to prioritise the tasks. 2PM Services helped Integrate Workforce to create a clear, tangible Plan on a Page (PoP) to guide their business and develop a simple online presence via a website.

Integrate Workforce is a Hobart labour-hire company (founded by Kelvin and Kathleen Smith) that specialises in providing people with refugee backgrounds, long-term employment opportunities.
They access long-term career pathways by showcasing work ethic, skills, and a willingness to learn on the building site with potential employers.

Integrate Workforce has empowered 32 refugees with 51,000+ worksite hours, placing 11 in apprenticeships and long-term jobs.

The Challenge

Integrate Workforce had grown quickly and successfully in little over 12 months since starting. Yet, focus and clarity was needed to understand how to grow the business sustainably into the future.

With so many ideas to choose from, they needed help to prioritise and plan their next season of growth.

The Solution

2PM consultants Tim Hynes and Meegan Wilmot designed a streamlined approach for a Plan on a Page and a basic website for an online presence.

Several strategy sessions were undertaken with the business owners (Kelvin and Kathleen) including some ‘discovery questions’ such as:

In the facilitated session, Kathleen and Kelvin delved into current risks, opportunities, and debated business priorities.

It became apparent that a short-term plan on a page for 2 months was needed to remain committed and accountable to some immediate projects. And as the 2-month plan was successfully completed, a subsequent 6-month plan was developed with a thematic goal of “building foundations of growth”.

One of the 5 projects in the 6-month plan was to develop a light-weight and easy to maintain website that showcased the business.

2PM then got busy designing the website architecture, organising a photo shoot for image assets and coordinating web copy to deliver a final solution –

The outcomes

The Integrate Workforce team gained clarity on their goals and projects via simple plans on a page and an engaging and clear online presence via a website.  

Outcomes from the engagement with 2PM resulted in: 

  • Near term clarity on immediate business priorities (2-month plan) 
  • Medium term clarity on business goals and projects (6-month plan) \’
  • ‘Not yet’ to-do list to prevent distraction 
  • Online business presence via a website with lightweight administration and overhead 

The feeDback

Thank 2PM for your wonderful support of our new business. You spent the time to understand and ask the right questions to help us clarify what we need for our next phase. The Plan on a Page is a fantastic tool to identify the key components of our business and keep us accountable to taking small achievable steps towards solving our crunch points simply and clearly. We are so grateful and totally recommend your services to any business that is seeking clarity about how they should step into the future.

– Kelvin and Kath Smith, Co-Founders, Integrate Workforce.

About Plan on a page

Business planning is essential for organisational health and must be approached with a suitable “end in mind.” At 2PM, the “end” of a business planning consultation is not a team planning day, or even a glossy document, but the execution of a well-thought-out strategy with a plan to implement that enables an organisation to achieve its mission. Enter our Plan on a Page (PoP)!

Our Plan on a Page process consists of three stages:

  1. Information gathering (to gather data, hear from multiple voices, and maximise buy in).
  2. Development of the plan (workshop/s to deliver a “Plan on a Page” that is simple, practical, and focused); and
  3. Habit coaching (to train a leadership team in the meeting rhythms required to review and progress their plan over time).

Our well-tested processes are robust, effective, consultative, and not overly time-consuming. We understand and respect the challenges of leading in a busy organisation and ensure that the heavy lifting occurs on our end!

Learn more about a Plan on a Page here.

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